Welcome to the Smala digital house !

The English version of the website is currently under construction, the translated pages are marked with “(EN)”. Do you know the Smala network? We build ecovillages in the western part of Switzerland. Since 1993, over 2’000 people participated in the creation of Smala’s temporary “creative hives”. Nowadays, we have obtained sustainable lands, in cooperatives, and build eco-habitats for life. You can find our book, in French, here and down below you will find a synthesis of our dynamics. Bâtir Groupé is the public use cooperative that acquires, builds, maintains and rents the houses (property managing) to the Smala facilitators. Current offers. La Smala is the main association. It animates Bâtir Groupé’s properties with events such as public dinners, facilitator formations, permaculture gardens, trips to other eco-places, … Smala also supports the creation of micro-companies, with its partner APTES.ch (internships, jobs, self-employed workers). Ecopol is a label as well as services for the life quality between families, seniors, creative people, disabled or transitioning people. Developed by the academical team of the Smala institute, Ecopol can be applied to eco-places of cohabitation and/or professional cooperation managed by other groups than Smala. GEN, Global Ecovillage Network, it’s the ecovillage network to whom Smala belongs (Switzerland, Europe, World) SIRCLE, it’s an innovative pedagogical project, with 8 European partners, driven by the Findhorn Foundation and animated by La Smala for Switzerland.   Take part now on the adventure!   If you are interested in living you can participate to one of our first contact meetings !   The next dates are the following :   You can find more events in our agenda, right here.

What’s your intention ?

According to our experiences, there is 5 type of persons that are interested in Smala’s actions :
  1. The curious people, that do not know much about eco-places and that want to know more about them.
  2. The candidates that want to cohabitate on a trial period (6-24 months), application form here.
  3. The investors that support the initiative by investing funds. (Interests up to 2%, detail here).
  4. The people who carry a project of eco-places that wish to have advice as well as services from Ecopol.
  5. Candidates for a professional cooperation (“Carrière de sens” internship for juniors, création of micro-companies with the “village d’entrepreneurs” programme, eco-construction sites with Ecosupport, co-developping european projetcts with the Smala institue).
So, what’s your intention ?