Innovation: European Projects

The Smala cluster is a group of social enterprises lead by Smala institute. We are dedicated to societal transition to more sustainable practices. Our main domain of activity is research and lifelong learning (LLP) for professionals. Our motto is innovation and individual responsibility. We build trust in a large network of partners connected to social economy and environment at a local and international level since 2007.
Based on our experience and expertise of our scientific researchers, we have won and lead over 25 federal and European mandates in the field of LLP. You can see those lead directly by Smala below and those lead by our partner in the domain of Netizenship over here. These projects gathered between 5 and 10 European partners. We were generally additional Swiss partners and also led a few ones as coordinator for the European Union during the time when Switzerland was a full member of LLP framework. Most of this LLP programs when the initial funds are spent become an archive of good practices, but rarely an updated patrimony of know-how like the one that can be found on Wikipedia with a large community of updaters and users of the pedagogical tools developed. We are proud to inform that most of the projects we developed were then exploited sustainably to be applied for our trainees, professionals and partners in numerous training we still provide year after year graded into the “meaningful career” training and coaching programs provided by Smala cluster. See there and there.
Below you will find projects led directly by Smala, for those led by our partner look there.