Smala CoCo meetings

The CoCo meetings in brief:

To view next dates, please visit the French page “1er Contact Smala CoCo”. Every meeting takes place if there is at least 7 or 8 participants. You will receive an e-mail confirmation before the date of the meeting. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.   Phone numbers:
      • + 41 79 216 19 83 (Noemi Carrara, responsible for first contact)
      • + 41 78 705 99 14 (Marina Loertscher, responsible for CoCo meetings)
Email: You did not receive any answer ? Try again, we may have missed your message. Summary of the following contents:
          • The CoCo meetings
          • Thematics
          • Participative meal
          • 36 hours immersion
          • Meetings and networks
          • Useful links and procedure
          • Example of guests between 2010 and 2017
          • Video Conference of the 20th birthday of Smala

The CoCo meetings in brief:

Smala-CoCo are informal meal and discussion meetings about Cooperation and Cohabitation. This is melting pot, cultural mix, surprises. We welcome curious people, people who have projects, people interested in changing their way of living and people interested in doing interesting investment funds. Everyone takes a little bio snack to eat, if possible ‘home-made’, gluten-free, veggie, light, surprising. We eat, discuss and this enables to create relations and informal sharing, with 1 to 3 brief projects presentations.

Thematics: The possibilities of cohabitating, cooperating, investing, learning and leading an eco-place (Ecopol Formation). We often make surprising meetings. It’s an open door. We already have organised more than 125 meetings since 2012.

After more than 125 Smala CoCo meetings in 4 years with nearly 2’000 people in total, we are changing our first contact formula in 2017.

Participative bio meal: From now on, we degust artisanal bio specialties that everyone prepares before coming, like at the beginning of the movie ‘La belle verte’. The CoCo’s are becoming real gastro participative communitarian meetings. And that works ! If you knew how well we eat, you surely would come (back)!

36-hour immersions: Furthermore, we now offer the 36 hours immersion option: you can come and sleep here, share 36 hours with meals, mutual aid. It is an opportunity to concretely see our realities. Welcome to Smala.

Meetings and network: If you are looking for/animating a place of Cooperation and/or of Cohabitation in Lausanne, in an associative framework and/or collective economy, here you will have the opportunity of meeting other people who have location projects (or already animate locations) to share on the subject: ideas of locals, good plans, projects in progress ( possibilities to meet the leaders of the projects), relational ecology, problems and concrete solutions.

About the procedure:

It’s an appointment for 3-4 hours of passionate sharing, beautiful meetings, surprising network, … Concretely, it is a brief presentation round, a presentation adapted to the expectations, then we listen to the ecovillage project leaders, the people interested in cohabitating, investing funds, working as artists or interns: we advice them with passion.

In order to prepare you for the meeting, we invite you to visualise the conference of the 20th birthday of Smala, which presents the Ecopol Label.

You could also consult our online presentation booklet as well as the Ecopol book, downloadable here for free.

The evening is for free but bring a little something to eat for the participative meal.

If you wish to come with your children, to sleep over or to stay for a 36-hour immersion, you can tell us. For these requests, please contact us as soon as possible.

Example of guest who came here between 2010 and 2017:  
          • The Hub Team, Co-working space project in Lausanne and Geneva (international network)
          • The Plate-forme Team, who prepares a project of a collective economy in a pub
          • European network TeamEco for the artists of the eco-construction
          • ‘Faire l’Ecole en Liberté’ (= make school in libery) project by Mical Staquet
          • Ecovillage project in Gruyere with Christiane Kolly
          • Ecovillage project in Lausanne with Ferdinand Wulliemier
          • Vaudoise Chamber of Collective Economy with Dominique Roten
          • Permaculture and Biodynamic with Pierre-Alain Indermuelhe
          • OpenSourceEcology international with Aaron Makaruk
          • Small Ecoarea in Founex with Gisèle Maillard